Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Weekend magazine No. 6

Scrapbooking is a world of women, can not be concealed.
And what about men?
Today we have for you a short interview with one of the few women involved in scrapbookingiem in Poland - David, known as Tengel27.
Here is David's blog .

first David, please write a few words about yourself.

Writing about myself has always been the hardest for me;) Background: My name is David and 31 years. I live in a small village in West Pomerania. As to the character, you can probably identify me banner "quiet water")

On I work every day while looking for work. ;) Free time I spend handicraft, books, plants, I'm also looking computer.

second Why is scrapbooking? How long do you care for him?

Why scrapbooking? I do not know. When I started there in the virtual world I only knew embroidery and crochet. Later appeared and began to pull me other techniques. When less than a year ago (September 2010) I started to create his first works in the art scrapbooking, it turned out that I feel this quite well. Currently still I'm learning yet, but I know one thing for sure - scrapbooking is a technique that drew me to the good;)

third Do you associate the future with scrapbookingiem? Would you like to be the second, Tim H, or rather want to create for yourself and loved ones? ;)))

Scrapbooking and future ... hmmm ... I admit that I would. Perhaps someone like Tim Holtz - it would be cool. But at the moment my work goes to the relatives and friends. For sure I will try to develop, and what will come out - only time will tell ;)

4th How do you feel in babskim group? You can not hide that the world of scrapbooking is a woman.

In babskim group I've always felt pretty good and always fast retrieves. As you noticed - scrapbooking is the domain of women and most of them are still learning and I draw great inspiration.

5th What do you like most to create? Do you have a favorite style?

Most arise in my paper. As for the style - what I do, there is an impulse and rarely think about style. Only when you create it turns out that the work came to me in one way or another style. But I do not hide that I really like retro atmosphere. I admire the work of a grunge Finnabair. I hope one day to deal with this style.

6th The three works that you would like to show us.

David, thank you very much that you wanted to tell us about yourself!

David ps fans are asked to be guided directly to the blog and mail David;)))

Have a nice day!

Taxi Cab Placecard Holder

Quickly and briefly.

Well been turning up. On Monday must give the key to Magnolia. At this time, the house is so.

joy itself, huh? In addition, like nothing happened not happen, then nothing. And now I got a large order for a sculpture, 2 by 2 per meter, and I have packed the house and work. Therefore Rochulec Grandmother left to Rzeszow, because the interior of the above image and four-year-engineer-miner-climber is a disaster.
And by the way excess of that four-year-who-knows-best-what-i-as. In his opinion. Who attends a manifold characters, the driver szambiary after cardiac surgeon, "the removal of hearts." Who kills a fly, to make them a solemn funeral. Each type, in which he portrays is treated very seriously and requires us to do for him the respect and attention and provide the necessary elements of the form. Question: what you need to provide a driver szambiary ? ;)
Honestly I have a problem, because sometimes I do not know what to do. Energy, creativity are great, but they have the power destructive, you have to somehow skillfully maneuver, not to extinguish a child of the nice features, but also create limitations. Difficult this. Well, this gene disobedience, which is syneczek sweet for me, gene, which in all of my attention, and asked whether the prohibition of child asks to start sentences with "But ...". And when I say one time, trying to outwit toto "And there is no buts" is to create clever I finally applied for and is something like: "But, i will but it must be but do not tell me that there is but because it is but, no, and but I manger as ...". And what to do with this, so, for whom everything is possible, and some of his infallibility. The man who in one breath he says, "I love Mommy you like from here to outer space, and Jesus lobił pile before it umalł? a telaz whether it does, as revived?, And whether plemiel Kaczynski lobi heap?, And whether the feelings are in the brain? "And I hear the poem says" negro lives in a pile a heap, a pile of black is that our fellow "and here gromkiego burst of laughter. My husband heard this, he asked me quietly and seriously," Hey, we think we are not racists? ".

... But ... Well, just , but:) Dom. Magnolia was sold. There Here I want to write about feelings, because then it will be sad to read. Tomorrow I will derive. For now, our only home is.

Kopiliśmy thirty is to put the miracle in the mountains, on the elbow. I'm going to live there as possible. Toto is clever in the middle, so amazingly comfortable. It has gas heating, you can live and September. It has a gas stove, refrigerator, gas (at the elbow there is no electricity). Washing in the river, the rest of the outhouse.

wonder how many can tolerate:)

I wonder if it'll be back ..;)

At this time here, Warsaw will take place papierologia , license, srozwolenia , so to speak ugly. Number of scraps of paper, maps, and other so-called needed to fuck. Building permits are enormous. Once you get the license, pour the foundations and put something like that.

why this, because it's proven architecture , any such a friendly, well-founded and niepogodom pogodom, and no stock here. And unless there is such a thing fit.

strange to I feel. So many changes. Following the logic of the chess player, planning moves in time, I got to this point. And it took over 10 years. Flood gates were opened, flying, leeecimyyy ... May we have landed where it should:)

But ...


And for dessert, something very beautiful in the summer mornings.

Oh, I do not know how it zalinkowac. The movie also will not put. This must be copied and put on google. Find out more:)